Lash Plus

Lash Plus is a Sydney, Australia based company that is focused on designing and manufacturing the highest quality salon professional products .

The Lash Plus brand is dedicated to transforming the way women think about makeup, creating products that are not only non-toxic but actually heals and nourishes eyelashes. We integrating online video tutorial section . Registered user can purchase online tutorial video.

Technologies used to implement this website are WordPress, Woo-commerce .

Website functionality includes:
Online store
Wholesale and retail buyers
Online video tutorial
Multiple currency
Multi language

Service used


Kronosarmour is a PPE manufacturer and retailer based website in Los Angeles, CA. In this pandemic condition of  covid-19  this website manufacturing high-quality masks , gloves etc .

Technologies used to implement this website are WordPress and Woo-commerce . As per the client requirement we customized purchase theme . Using Woo-commerce we customized online store and shipping calculations.

Service used
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